Main Causes Why a Rotary Screw Compressor Goes Off

Rotary screw compressors use rotary movement for the production of compressed air. It uses two rotators to compress the air. rotary screw compressors are better than other types of compressors as they are quiet and more efficient. It compresses air with compression technology.

Rotary screw compressors are reliable, they are used lifetime and they do not require any maintenance. They do not produce noise pollution as they work quietly.

Eight Causes of Air Compressor Failure

Compressor failure occurs due to some internal problem that will affect the performance of the rotary screw compressor. Ten common failures of air compressors are listed below.

Electrical Failure

An electrical failure can cause damage to different parts of compressors like wires, rotators, contractors, and fuse. The Acid that is generated due to electrical problems causes the problem in the functioning of the Compressor.

The acid that is buildup is a sign of electric problems. A professionally trained person can find out the acid buildup in the compressor and can repair it.

Blockage of Condenser rotator

Blockage of the condenser rotator occurs due to a lack of maintenance. Grime and dust particles make the rotator clogged due to which they cannot release heat, which causes more pressure on the compressor. If still your system is running in this condition, your compressor can heat over causing the compressor to stop working.

Compressor Overheating

Overheating plays a role in the cause of compressor failure. Direct sunlight falls on the outside of the compressor and it has adequate ventilation, making the compressor overheat. High voltages can cause damage to the motor. Dirty coil, and lack of insulation cause the compressor to overheat, which results in compressor failure.

Low Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant in the compressor causes the cooling of the room, it is a misunderstanding that the level of refrigerant in the compressor decreases with time, but the reality is that refrigerant is not used by the compressor it just cools the compressor. If the level of refrigerant in the compressor is low it might be due to the leakage that should be sorted.

High Refrigerant level

The excess amount of refrigerant in a compressor is also bad as it doesn’t allow the compressor to work properly. If the refrigerant level of the compressor is low and you call a less qualified person who does not know the refrigerant level in the compressor.

If he fills it up more than it is needed, it will also cause pressure on the compressor which will lead to failure of the compressor.

Lack of lubrication

The screw rotator compressor needs the correct amount of lubrication to function. Without lubrication, friction will increase which will cause the compressor to work harder. Low level of lubrication results in the compressor parts rubbing against each other. The lack of lubrication of the compressor is due to leakage from the condenser or evaporator.

Dirt or debris stuck in the outdoor unit

In the air, there are different types of pollutants like dust, debris, and moisturizer that can enter the outdoors of the compressor and can cause problems. The pollutants can increase the temperature, which will put stress on the compressor and will use an extra amount of energy to work, which will result in the breakdown of the compressor.

In Correct Sizing of Suction Lines

The length of the suction lines matters a lot. If the suction line is long or short it can lead to compressor failure. If the size of the suction line is wrong it will cause pressure on the compressor that will in return cause the failure of compression. This issue arises when untrained technicians try to repair the line and install the wrong size of the suction line.


Rotary screw compressors work better than other compressors, it is reliable and efficient, it doesn’t produce much noise, and need little maintenance. Some precautions must be considered so the screw compressor should be taken away from any kind of further damage.



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